Jean-Sebastien Senecal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>     I'm working on an open-source software for real-time mix-medias,
>     similar to Puredata. We've started using part of the Gimp code for
>     image processing. For now, I was able to move the composition
>     functions in paint-funcs. However, since the functions are not
>     documented, I find it often difficult to know what this or this is
>     doing. Plus, I don't understand well how the files are organized.

You are trying to reuse the part of the GIMP code that we would like
to get rid of the sooner the better. The basic image manipulation
routines date back to the early days of GIMP development and haven't
seen the refactoring that all other parts of the code have gone
through. I would not suggest to use this code at all. You should
consider to use GEGL instead. But then, GEGL is probably not at the
point yet where it would fulfill your needs.

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