Ie read a thread some months ago on GIMP developers saying that the 
Gimp-ghelp should be designed in such a way that, when a page did not 
exist for a locale, it would fall back to other languages in a given 

Was that implemented?
If the fallback to swedish en ?

And Dennis:
No, deleting the swedish docs won't give you the English docs.

On Sunday 24 October 2004 09:50, Dennis Bjorklund wrote:
> I run gimp in swedish and the translation is very good. The help
> files however are mostly blank pages. I have to quit and start gimp
> in english in order to get any help.
> Of course this problem can be solved by deleting the swedish
> documentation and then I assume I would get the english one. But
> it's not the best solution.
> Also, even if there had been a more complete translation, how do I
> know if that is a translation of the latest english version? Being
> able to select language at run time would be helpful.
> gettext() works well because the translation is only used when the
> original text is as it was when it was translated. Maybe one could
> make something similar with the doc, like a md5sum of the help
> page. If the checksum does not match the one stored with the
> translation then the english original help is used (or some other
> language that the user prefer, just like it works with gettext).

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