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i'm familiar with sodipodi - its close, but no banana... needs a lot of work, but i'd like to help there too...
havent seen inkscape yet - is it new?

IIRC, inkscape started life as an off-shoot of sodipodi but it is now a separate project. The answer to the first question of the FAQ says in part:
Inkscape was founded in 2003 by four Sodipodi developers, Bryce Harrington, MenTaLguY, Nathan Hurst, and Ted Gould, with the mission of creating a fully compliant SVG drawing tool written in C++ with a new, HIG-compliant interface and an open, community-oriented development process.

It is considered to be useful to users but not ready to replace commercial vector editors (yet). The other project worth looking at is Skencil (formerly known as sketch). You can find information about it at http://www.skencil.org/.


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