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> The Rect Select Options though is a feature that few designers need
> in a menu - it would be better to use a custom Color swatch tool -
> which is invaluable.

I don't understand. Would you mind to elaborate on this?

> The Colormap utterly baffles me.


> Erm.... how do you add a layer mask? I usually add a layer mask
> simply by selecting Layer mask while i'm working with a layer - no
> need to select it with the Move tool or the Selector tool. This one
> baffles me

Huh? Go to the Layers menu, choose "Add Layer Mask". Also available
from the right-click menu in the Layers dialog.

> I'm actually (sadly) testing the ;atest Winblows version (Win ME) - at
> the moment there's not enough room on my laptop to run both GNU/Linux
> and winblows - and I have to use Flash and Fireworks for my work. But
> perhaps thats a good thing - there are a few bugs. I had a crash on my
> first go... it had to do with TTF fonts, but I wasnt using the Font
> tool, and all my fonts are ttf except those installed by Adobe
> Illustrator - so it should have read them in correctly. The message
> was **WARNING (recursed)**. Couldn't load font "MS Sans Serif 8"
> falling back to "Sans 8" aborting...

This is a known problem. GIMP isn't crashing, it just pops up a
message dialog because of a bug in the GTK+ theme. This is explained
in the FAQ at the place you downloaded GIMP for windows and it has
been taken care of. The next version shouldn't have these popup

> Speaking of which - there's no option for CMYK color when starting a
> new file, although you can up the resolution to print levels (300dpi
> - 600dpi). CMYK is the only format used for print - which would be
> the only case where you'd need 300dpi - so I don't understand why
> this option is there, without CMYK color.

GIMP doesn't have CMYK support except some rudimentary things like a
color selector that allows you to select colors in CMYK notation. You
can however very well design or edit material for print in RGB so it
makes a lot of sense to work in RGB mode in high resolutions. What was
your background again?

> Default opening tool should be set to the 'move/select' tool - opening
> with the selector tool can often cause dangerous mistakes, moving
> sections when you dont want to!

The default tool in 2.2 will be the paintbrush.

> One feature I'd love to see is drag and drop from one image to
> another. I use this frequently, rather than cutting and pasting
> layers.

You can drag and drop from the layers dialog, even between two layer
dialogs. There's a lot to drag and drop in GIMP and also between GIMP
and other applications. GIMP 2.2 will also improve clipboard support.

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