> > I'm actually (sadly) testing the ;atest Winblows version (Win ME)

Eek. If you have to use Windows, please at least test it on a Windows
version that is a "real" operating system. I mean Windows 2000 or
XP. There are many limitations in Windows Me. It might be a bit better
that Windows 98, but only superficially. Do the commercial tool
vendors really still support Windows Me?

The developers of the Windows GTK backend and GIMP on Windows don't
even test on Windows 98 or Me, or do it rarely. In fact, I would be
much tempted to drop support for these inferior Windows versions
sooner than later. Many things could be done in a cleaner way in the
code if one wouldn't have to consider the obsolete Windows versions.

 > You can drag and drop from the layers dialog, even between two layer
 > dialogs. There's a lot to drag and drop in GIMP and also between GIMP
 > and other applications. GIMP 2.2 will also improve clipboard support.

Unfortunately, on Windows, drag-and-drop between GIMP and other
applications is severely limited. This might change at some point. But
currently it certainly works much better on Linux, or even Unix in


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