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> Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 21:04:57 +0200
> From: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Re: [Gimp-developer] first impressions of GIMP 2.0
> Hi,
> "miriam clinton (iriXx)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > The Rect Select Options though is a feature that few designers need
> > in a menu - it would be better to use a custom Color swatch tool -
> > which is invaluable.
> I don't understand. Would you mind to elaborate on this?
> > The Colormap utterly baffles me.

Do you mean the colour picker tool?  There is lots of functionality there,
I suppose I can see how it might be confusing.

> Sorry?
> > Erm.... how do you add a layer mask? I usually add a layer mask
> > simply by selecting Layer mask while i'm working with a layer - no
> > need to select it with the Move tool or the Selector tool. This one
> > baffles me
> Huh? Go to the Layers menu, choose "Add Layer Mask". Also available
> from the right-click menu in the Layers dialog.

Layer, Mask, Add Layer Mask.

(As Sven has pointed out) There is also a context menu hidden in the
Layers dialog (if you right click on the Layer Preview part of the Layers
dialog) although it is not something I'd expect a new user to find
without being told it was there.

Is this very different from how it is done in Adobe Photoshop?

> > I'm actually (sadly) testing the ;atest Winblows version (Win ME) - at

(Windows ME is possibley the worst version of Windows ever, windows 98 and
Windows 2000 are far less unpleasant than that nasty hybrid.)

> > the moment there's not enough room on my laptop to run both GNU/Linux
> > and winblows - and I have to use Flash and Fireworks for my work. But

If you have a CD Rom drive a bootable Live CD version of Linux might be a
good choice for you.

> > Default opening tool should be set to the 'move/select' tool - opening
> > with the selector tool can often cause dangerous mistakes, moving
> > sections when you dont want to!

The mistakes are not dangerous as gimp has a working Undo system.
I find "File, Revert" to be very useful too.

> > One feature I'd love to see is drag and drop from one image to
> > another. I use this frequently, rather than cutting and pasting
> > layers.
> You can drag and drop from the layers dialog, even between two layer
> dialogs. There's a lot to drag and drop in GIMP and also between GIMP
> and other applications. GIMP 2.2 will also improve clipboard support.

Gimp is definately very good when it comes to drag and drop.


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