>I don't think a lot of people would prefer a scrolling menubar over
>the ability to always reach the image menu using the right mouse

Those who are new wouldn't know to right-click, and their voice
is not heard here.  If we want GIMP to gain popularity, it has 
to appeal to users on their first encounter.  (That's why I fuss 
about trivial things like the clone tool not doing anything
when you just click, IMO it should pick a spot on the first click
after the tool is selected, since it can't do anything else useful 
with that click)

There should be an obvious way to get to the menu items that don't
fit, whether it's done by wrapping the menubar, or by adding a 
menu item that lets you get more, etc.  I actually prefer something 
that would attempt to keep "File" on the left and "Help" on the
right, where everybody looks for them, rather than scrolling them
off.  Additional items could be replaced by a menu button with a 
symbol that drops down the hidden items... or maybe another copy
of the triangle button could be placed before "Help" when items 
are missing, where it's more apparent that it's part of the menu.


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