> Those who are new wouldn't know to right-click, and their voice
> is not heard here.  If we want GIMP to gain popularity, it has 
> to appeal to users on their first encounter.  (That's why I fuss 
> about trivial things like the clone tool not doing anything
> when you just click, IMO it should pick a spot on the first click
> after the tool is selected, since it can't do anything else useful 
> with that click)

Adding completely off-topic remarks doesn't really help and I'd like
to ask you to avoid doing that. Nevertheless, the clone tool thing is
of course a known problem.

> There should be an obvious way to get to the menu items that don't
> fit, whether it's done by wrapping the menubar, or by adding a menu
> item that lets you get more, etc.  I actually prefer something that
> would attempt to keep "File" on the left and "Help" on the right,
> where everybody looks for them, rather than scrolling them off.
> Additional items could be replaced by a menu button with a symbol
> that drops down the hidden items... or maybe another copy of the
> triangle button could be placed before "Help" when items are
> missing, where it's more apparent that it's part of the menu.

Did you look at the relevant GTK+ bug report?

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