Aside from the huge thread that I seem to have perpetrated, which I'll follow given time, I'd like to explain a reason for my sudden disappearance into lurkdom on this list.

A lurker, and noticeably, a non-reader of this list, who I shall now name, a certain Jonathon Grant, has been writing to me unsolicitedly at my private email address giving quite attacking and unnecessary criticisms of my websites and their 'conformity to w3c standards'.

My websites are irrelevant to the productivity of this list, and I am 'outing' his behaviour to the list as I believe it is extremely rude and unproductive. It puts people off, rather than encourages people to use Free software - it perpetuates the image that Free Software advocates brow-beat others into submission and into using their so-called Free software. Yes, Free Software is Free by license, and that is why I prefer to use it. But to be Free, one must give Freedom of Choice to others - Freedom to choose Free Software or otherwise.

I am assisting this list, as a graphic designer, to help GIMP outperform Photoshop and, hopefully, become the preferred tool for graphic design. But, as I've already said, GIMP, Sodipodi and Inkscape (which I downloaded yesterday) are really not there yet. GIMP is very, very close - but crashes easily. Sodipodi and Inkscape are nowhere near.

I've already cited the list of applications I use - I brought them to this list in order to help the list understand the needs of a graphic designer.

Mr. Grant then suggested that I 'don't use GIMP at all'.


Or as Madonna said, in my previous (and CC-licensed) project, 'WTF?'
(I co-produced the Madonna Remix Project - see

And yes, it ends in .htm - Mr. Grant criticised me for such trivial matters as abbreviated endings.

May I ask who the manager of this list is, and how you suggest to deal with unsolicited and insulting email coming from members who do not even contribute to the list, but instead seek out new members (I suggest, primarily women) to exercise their technical 'expertise'.

Mr. Grant has chosen the wrong person to mess with, if he's trying that avenue.

But I don't like fights, and thats the purpose of this message - to make an example of a person who is so cowardly as to go behind the back of this list and criticise my efforts privately - without even reading of my contributions towards the Free Software movement.


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