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The Rect Select Options though is a feature that few designers need
in a menu - it would be better to use a custom Color swatch tool -
which is invaluable.

I don't understand. Would you mind to elaborate on this?

Its a valuable tool, but something that, in Photoshop, only appears when the Pen tool is selected. A visual Navigation (zoom in-out) tool or a Color Swatch tool (CMYK /and/ RGB) would be far more valueable in the left hand floating palette.

The Colormap utterly baffles me.


There is a tool called Colormap. I presume it is used for making swatches - I selected it from the right-click menu. I would love to be able to make swatches - I rely on custom swatches for my print work. But I can't seem to get it to even recognise the current selected colors - it just appears to be a black and grey grid like an empty layer.

Erm.... how do you add a layer mask? I usually add a layer mask
simply by selecting Layer mask while i'm working with a layer - no
need to select it with the Move tool or the Selector tool. This one
baffles me

Huh? Go to the Layers menu, choose "Add Layer Mask". Also available
from the right-click menu in the Layers dialog.

I couldnt actually access this - it was greyed out completely.

**WARNING (recursed)**. Couldn't load font "MS Sans Serif 8"
falling back to "Sans 8" aborting...

This is a known problem. GIMP isn't crashing, it just pops up a
message dialog because of a bug in the GTK+ theme. This is explained
in the FAQ at the place you downloaded GIMP for windows and it has
been taken care of. The next version shouldn't have these popup

It completely crashes under windows despite the message dialog. I'm not sure how to correct the GTK+ problem - could you explain it in a nutshell (I cant remember where I found the download page after a lengthy search).

It wasnt a popup window as such but a complete crash. I'm testing under windows as I dont have room for GNU/Linux on my laptop, but also as this will (hopefully) also be a default environment as many use Photoshop under Windows. Unfortunately I dont have a Mac, but I would suspect porting would be easier to OS X.

Speaking of which - there's no option for CMYK color when starting a
new file, although you can up the resolution to print levels (300dpi
- 600dpi). CMYK is the only format used for print - which would be
the only case where you'd need 300dpi - so I don't understand why
this option is there, without CMYK color.

GIMP doesn't have CMYK support except some rudimentary things like a
color selector that allows you to select colors in CMYK notation. You
can however very well design or edit material for print in RGB so it
makes a lot of sense to work in RGB mode in high resolutions. What was
your background again?

Professional print and web graphic design.

Default opening tool should be set to the 'move/select' tool - opening
with the selector tool can often cause dangerous mistakes, moving
sections when you dont want to!

The default tool in 2.2 will be the paintbrush.

Still not a good idea - this can cause as bad an accident. At least the move/select tool is easy to spot and undo the mistake - and paintbrush often takes up a lot of history (which, if you havent pre-set your history to a high level of memory) can ruin your editing.

One feature I'd love to see is drag and drop from one image to
another. I use this frequently, rather than cutting and pasting

You can drag and drop from the layers dialog, even between two layer
dialogs. There's a lot to drag and drop in GIMP and also between GIMP
and other applications. GIMP 2.2 will also improve clipboard support.

That sounds promising - I'll look forward to it.

Again - this is a problem for designers - GIMP requires a lot of reading of documentation to find out how the hell you're supposed to do something (especially applying layer masks!). Designers don't like reading docs - in fact, a lot of us are dyslexic (myself included) - dyslexia is a common trait among artists, writers, dancers and musicians. If you're interested in the science, it lives in the temporal lobe of the brain alongside the artistic capabilities.

Artists prefer to use the right hand side of the brain, to work intuitively. This is why 1.2 in particular was so difficult to work with - it was obviously written by coders using the left hand side of the brain. 2.0 is a marked improvement as far as intuitivety goes.


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