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miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:

This is completely ridiculous, especially random threats of lawsuits for typos.

Both of you, continue this discussion off-list, please!
And please note that participants of a mailing lists and the mailing list itself are different things. Thanks.

My point is exactly the same as yours - I was receiving unpleasant and unsolicited mail off-list, and wished to draw such abuse of the list to the attention of the list manager. I do not want to keep receiving abuse off-list, and the best way to put this to an end, and to make such abuse of list addresses cease, was to make such practises known on-list.

However, I consider the matter dropped. If Jonathon wishes to rant on, let him do so at his discretion.

Given his behaviour, though, it has left a sour taste in my mouth about contributing to GNU projects at all, if this is the kind of response I get - unsolicited criticism of projects irrelevant to the subject at hand. If all non-programmer non-exclusive-GNU-users get this kind of treatment when they try to help port to a professional standard, and bug-test that standard - which is what we are aiming at - then GNU projects will get nowhere.


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