[Adding a layer mask]
> >> Huh? Go to the Layers menu, choose "Add Layer Mask". Also available
> >> from the right-click menu in the Layers dialog.
> > I couldnt actually access this - it was greyed out completely.
> You can't add a layer mask to a layer that doesn't have an alpha
> channel.

Hmm - perhaps the best interface here would be to always have the "Add Layer
Mask" menu option available, but if there's no alpha channel then popup a
dialog saying something like "Adding a layer mask requires the image to have
an alpha channel.  Would you like me to add one? Yes: / No" (default yes,
tickbox (unchecked) for "don't ask me again").

This is similar in spirit to the file export dialogs that automatically
convert your image into something the file save plugin can handle (ie
flatten etc).  It's the DWIM (Do What I Mean) school of UI design, where you
try and guess what the user is actually trying to do :)


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