Greetings, all.

A tarball of version 0.9.5 of Tiny-Fu is now available at:

The code changes were fixes for a few minor bugs, and to keep in up-to-date with changes in GIMP and the Script-Fu plug-in. Most of the change made since the 0.9.4 release were made in the script files.

Changes since the 0.9.4 release:

- The latest CVS GIMP is now required to build the plug-in.

- Constants and unit types are now registered dynamically during startup
  by querying GIMP.

- Some minor bug fixes

    * Applied patch from Sven Neumann so that the initial selection for
    image, drawable, layer, and channel in dialog causes the "changed"
    callback for to be run. Fixes bug #156659.

    * Added check on passed array size to make certain it is between 0
    and the actual size of the passed array. Fixes bug #155359.

    * Fixed a problem when parsing two or more consecutive comment lines
    in scripts.

- Updates to the script and initialization files

    * Fixed circuit.sct to allow use on original layer. Fixes bug #155358.

    * Moved selection-round script to the Select menu.

    * Added remaining Script-Fu scripts grid-system.sct, hsv-graph.sct,
    and image-structure.sct.

    * Added new scripts from Alan Horkan which manipulate guides.

    * Added 'pow' to list of Script-Fu compatability functions.

    * Additional minor changes and bug fixes to some scripts.

- Some other minor changes including fixing spelling errors, reformatting
  of some files. See the ChangeLog for details.


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