after the pre-release of GIMP 2.2 is released, there is also a
new development snapshot available of the GIMP user manual
You can download this snapshot from ftp.gimp.org:


There is also a browsable up to date CVS version online on:

Note, that this snapshot don't include french content, which is
requested by our french docwriters. Documentation in this release is
available for English, Chinese, German and Swedish. 

The documentation covers mostly the upcoming GIMP 2.2. It
contains besides documentation also technical fixes, which should let us
build a PDF version in the future. The Team from Novell/SuSE helped us a
lot to fix technical issues. In that regard big thanks to Thomas
Schraitle, Kenneth Wimer and David Neary (who is not employed by
Novell/SuSE but helped us communicating the whole thing).


    Raymond Ostertag, Julien Hardelin, Cédric Gémy, Sébastien Barre,
    Niklas Mattison, William Skaggs, Cai Qian, Eric Lamarque, Sven
    Neumann, Daniel Egger, Roman Joost

Happy Gimping,


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