Joseph Heled <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The most natural place is to add an optional argument to the run()
> gimp arguments. However I am not sure if this is possible.

The plug-in interface must remain API and ABI compatible to GIMP 2.0
so changing any of the existing functions is not an option.

> The plugin is a "file loader", registered under "Load"
> gimp_install_procedure ("file_rawphoto_load",
>                         "...",
>                         PLUG_IN_VERSION,
>                         "<Load>/rawphoto",
> I guess "Load" implies some magic, since it is not visible in the
> regular menus. And perhaps 3 arguments is hardwired for such plugins?
> Can someone enlighten me?

The <Load> menu is a concept that isn't used in 2.2 any longer. Please
have a look at how file plug-ins register in GIMP 2.2. The new API is
backward compatible with the old one of course. But it doesn't really
make sense to look at the old APIs if we want to discuss further

> (P.S it would certainly make sense to run this plugin non
> interactively from a script, and in that case supply even additional
> arguments ...)

There's nothing that keeps you from doing that. If you are looking for
an example, check out the SVG loader plug-in.

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