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Joseph Heled <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Great. So what I suggest - i.e. a forth argument to run() to indicate
a request for a thumbnail should work and not break other plugins?

I think you need to make yourself familiar with the GIMP API. Did you ever look at the API reference manual?

Not in full, but I can't see why it will help, since this is internal to gimp itself.

No it isn't. If I understand your approach, you suggested to add
parameters to run()

Not at all. I meant to add a parameter to 'param'

run(const gchar*     name,
    gint             nparams,
    const GimpParam* param,

This affect only load plugins with 4 declared arguments (by the plugin), the forth named "thumbnail".

  static GimpParamDef load_args[] =
      { GIMP_PDB_INT32,      "run_mode",     "Interactive, non-interactive" },
      { GIMP_PDB_STRING,     "filename",     "The name of the file to load" },
      { GIMP_PDB_STRING,     "raw_filename", "URI of the file to load" },
      { GIMP_PDB_INT32,      "thumbnail",    "use embedded thumbnail" },

(I would need to be superman to make a working change to run() in 15 minutes ... :)


even though run() of course has a fixed set of
parameters. Since it is probably the most important function in the
GIMP API and implemented by all plug-ins, there is certainly not an
option to change it. What we need here is a way for load plug-ins to
register and additional procedure to load the thumbnail. This could
probably be designed in a way that would allow plug-ins to reuse their
main procedure.

I am however not going to continue this discussion in private mail. If
you want to talk about it, please use the mailing-list.

No problem. I thought it is best not to inflict my ignorance on the whole list.


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