Joseph Heled <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> This affect only load plugins with 4 declared arguments (by the
> plugin), the forth named "thumbnail".
>    static GimpParamDef load_args[] =
>      {
>        { GIMP_PDB_INT32,      "run_mode",     "Interactive, non-interactive" },
>        { GIMP_PDB_STRING,     "filename",     "The name of the file to load" },
>        { GIMP_PDB_STRING,     "raw_filename", "URI of the file to load" },
>        { GIMP_PDB_INT32,      "thumbnail",    "use embedded thumbnail" },

That would break all load plug-ins that already have >= 4 parameters
which is certainly not an option. Also, your proposal doesn't pass a
preferred thumbnail size to the load plug-in. There are file formats
that include thumbnails for several sizes or can generate thumbnails
of any size on the fly.

Let me explain it again: What we need here is a way for load plug-ins
to register an additional procedure that the core can use to load the
thumbnail. The core can then check if such a procedure exists and fall
back to the default load procedure otherwise.

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