"Laxminarayan Ammembal Kamath" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>  ÂI haven't yet checked out 2.2, i hope i soon will. But any way i
> have this idea, i think i must post to the gtk team. Yet i am
> posting it here too, if GIMP can temporarily achieve at implementing
> this idea.  What about a button on the dialog which switches between
> the "Good old" dialog box and the "New cool" dialog box. It may also
> have a shortcut key and an option included in the gimp's preferences
> dialog about which should be default.

Would you mind to explain what's the "Good old" dialog box and the
"New cool" dialog box? If you are talking about the file-chooser then
the answer is that it would not be feasible to do this. The APIs of
the two widgets differ. It's not a matter of look and feel. It's a
completely rewritten widget with a completely different API and lots
of different functionality. Also I don't see any advantage in doing
what you suggest. It would only introduce inconsistency and bloat.

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