Campbell Barton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I small bug ois that the selected channels are ignored when makinf the
> preview.
> - Try only select the red channel of an image and then apply a gausian blur
> *The preview shows blur for all channels
> *The result is only on the red channel-
> Somtimes I only want to blur a channel so the preview isnt correct in
> these situations.
> Its obviously less processing to compute the plugin on less chanels so
> I think this should be added.

Note that the plug-in doesn't know about the fact that a channel is
inactive. It's the core that keeps inactive channels from being
changed so the computation is done on all channels. Your last
statement isn't obvious; it's wrong even.

It would definitely be more complex to take the active components into
account in the preview widget but it would not be impossible. If you
open an enhancement request for it, someone might implement this
feature one day.

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