Popolon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The menu Select could have an organisation for these conversions as:
> Select->To...->[Brush/Channel/Image/Path/Pattern/...]
> to avoid a to long Select menu.
> and a 'Selection To Brush/Pattern' button could be in brush/Pattern
> windows, as there is 'Selection to Path' button in Path window.

Yes, the plan's to move the scripts out of the script-fu menu into the
places they belong to. What's missing here though is a better menu
registration functionality in Script-Fu. Kevin wanted to add a bug
report about this. Basically we need to be able to register Script-Fus
into the common menu hierarchy without breaking internationalization.
What needs to be done here is do the same change we did for plug-ins
and introduce a function similar to gimp_plugin_menu_register() to
Script-Fu and Tiny-Fu.

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