> ]> The natural place for a user to look would be 
> ]> within the "brushes" dialog.
> ]
> ]Huh? If you wanted to use the current image or part of it as a brush,
> ]you would look in the Brushes dialog? Seriously?
> ]
> Seriously:
> That's where brushes are managed.
> That's where they're deleted.
> That's where they're chosen.
> That's where they're created from scratch.
> That's where they're edited.
> That's where someone looking for a brush that doesn't 
> quite match anything already there would like to see 
> an option to make something different. 
> Brush editor is there (where it belongs).

Sorry, but I have to disagree. The brush editor may be the place where
the brush ends up finally but if I want to create a brush from an
image, then the function should be associated with the image.
If you want to open an image file  would you go to the Images dialog?
When saving an image, would you use a file-manager to select the
filename and expect it to ask you what you want to put there then?

> Brush editor is the only other tool that creates brushes.

That isn't true. Image->Save is already creating brushes quite
nicely. It's just somewhat akward that you have to select the brush
file type, look for the brushes folder and refresh the brushes list
when you are done. Script-Fu->Selection->To Brush solves this nicely
but it should be moved to a better place in the menus.

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