> Also - anyone have an address for the Inkscape-devel and Sodipodi-devel
> lists? 


here you are

> candy' - thats another important factor for designers, we're competing
> with the Windows and Mac toolkits, and frankly GTK looks pretty darn

mac is nice - but windows? the main reason I switched to linux (now I
know many better reasons, of course, so do not laugh at me) was that I
was not able to look at the UGLY and gaudy windows user interface.
GTK/Gnome, or other Linux GUIs too, can be really beautiful while
still easy on eyes and not distracting with proper themes

> strange and ugly to a designer - it'll put them off using a really good

and again, most money I have ever earned was for graphic design or
other graphic work on computer (DTP mainly)

> tackling them. Sodipodi... sorry, its still unfathomable even when I had
> it running on Win ME....

please use Win 98 or XP if you have to use Windows, but not ME. It is
the worst system from Microsoft available.
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