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That's where brushes are managed.
That's where they're deleted.
That's where they're chosen.
That's where they're created from scratch.
That's where they're edited.
That's where someone looking for a brush that doesn't quite match anything already there would like to see an option to make something different. Brush editor is there (where it belongs).

Sorry, but I have to disagree. The brush editor may be the place where
the brush ends up finally but if I want to create a brush from an
image, then the function should be associated with the image.

For add a path using the actual selection, there's a button in path dialog (selection to path). The brush dialog could have the same button.

That's true that is mostly used (at least Is use it) for store selections. The fact that these buttons (selection to path/path to selection) are together, is good for quickly add/change/combine/cut/backup selections in this case.

The button could be less usefull in brush/pattern, case???

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