]> ]> The natural place for a user to look would be 
]> ]> within the "brushes" dialog.
]> ]Huh? ...? Seriously?

]> Seriously:
]> That's where brushes ...
]> Brush editor is the only other tool that creates brushes.

]That isn't true. Image->Save ...

I stand corrected.  Brush editor is the only other tool 
dedicated to creation and manipulation of brushes.

The point is that creating a brush from an image or some part 
thereof should be done around the same place as you can 
delete or create a brushes by other means. 

Doubleclicking the brush gets you to the Brushes dialog.
The brush editor is there, where it's quite intuitive, but

]... Image->Save ... It's just somewhat akward ...

You're right, it's a bit of an inconvenience to have to navigate, 
but at least the new file chooser helps :)


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