On 13.11.2004, at 07:45, Laxminarayan Kamath wrote:

t's a whole bunch of contortions, and all pointless since amd64
hardware is competitively priced these days.

please dont concentrate only on those who can change pcs like shirts,
concentrate on us poor people too. ;)

Actually my focus is on having stuff more modular so one can choose which method to use and throw out unneeded stuff, thus saving memory. The mmap idea for instance would be a potential memory saver since the implementation is much smaller than the tile cacheing/swapping code we have now and could be configured to either use space for a swapfile or use the system swap instead. Unfortunately it would need some tuning to get decent performance, but since we do not have any plugging facilities here at the moment the point is moot.

In any case people are working on making everything much more
modular and thus remove the resource need for functionality
which is not used. Granted, the abstraction and the use of
GTK+ 2.x were a huge loss at first but they paid off for normal
users already and will do so even more in future, also for
low-end machines and special uses like headless use.

Interestingly, while there seems to be some demand, it's really
a seldom event that someone mentions those requirements and even
more rare that someone affected by it works on it. So people,
step up show some participation!


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