Dear All,


I’m writing on the behalf of Budapest based Visual Ingenium Ltd.

We have started a cooperation last year with the ECDL Foundation in order to develop a new ECDL module for image processing, using GIMP, Photoshop and Corel Photopaint. I think this is a great opportunity for GIMP to become really popular in Europe.


The current phase is about developing the exam tasks, so we met a problem: in Photoshop there’s an option to save the steps made by the examinee which makes correction pretty easy. Unfortunately we haven’t found any similar feature in GIMP.


Here’s a sample of the txt file saved by Photoshop:


2004-11-12 13:03:20      File sarlo.bmp opened



            Elliptical Marquee

                        Set Selection

                                   To: ellipse

                                   Top: 0,32 cm

                                   Left: 0,32 cm

                                   Bottom: 4,09 cm

                                   Right: 3,35 cm

                                   With Anti-alias

2004-11-12 13:03:28      File Untitled-1 opened


                                   New: document

                                   Preset:  “Clipboard”

2004-11-12 13:03:31      File Untitled-1 closed


2004-11-12 13:03:40      File Untitled-1 opened


                                   New: document

                                   Mode: RGB color mode

                                   Width: 20,46 cm

                                   Height: 28,22 cm

                                   Resolution: 28,346 per cm

                                   Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1

                                   Fill: white

                                   Depth: 8

                                   Profile:  “sRGB IEC61966-2.1”

                        Select previous document

                        Select next document

            Drag Selection


                        Move current layer

                                   To: 5,33 cm, 7,66 cm



            Add Noise

                        Add Noise

                                   Distribution: uniform

                                   Percent: 96,8%

                                   Without Monochromatic


                        Move current layer

                                   To: -6,95 cm, -6,6 cm


                                   As: Photoshop

                                   With Maximize Compatibility

                                   In: C:\tmp\

2004-11-12 13:06:04      File Untitled-1.psd closed


2004-11-12 13:06:04      File sarlo.bmp closed


2004-11-12 13:06:05      Photoshop quit



Do you have any idea show to solve this with GIMP? Is there any chance to implement this feature in the next version?



Best regards,


Endre Gagyi

Visual Ingenium Ltd.



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