Alan Horkan wrote:
> Would it be difficult to query the operating system and to automatically
> set the tile cache size to some percentage (50%?) of available RAM?

In a portable way, impossible. Having different routines for each
platform, perhaps. It would be nice if glib did something like

The other problem is that 50% of RAM (or even more) is reasonable
for a simple-user machine, but for a multi-user machine (a
terminal server, for example) that might be completely
inappropriate. You would set it to maybe 20 or 25% of RAM in that
case, since you expect to have several instances of the GIMP open
at the same time.

> Increasing the default size sounds sensible given that even most low end
> computers come with at least 256MB of RAM.

Computers which were low to mid range 2 years are still pretty
common - that's a more reasonable target audience. But even 2
years ago 128M was usual and 256M was common.


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