Hi Joseph,

Joseph Heled wrote:
> The caption below the image says 46.9 MB
> I add a layer with Layer/New Layer. The caption says  70.3 MB
> I delete the layer. Caption stays 70.3 MB
> I Layer/New Layer again. The caption says: 93.7 MB
> I delete the layer.  Caption stays 93.7 MB
> Should I believe the numbers or not? I understand the gimp might be 
> allocating memory and keeping it, but it does not mean the size of the 
> image keep growing indefinitely? What am I missing?

When you delete the layer, the delete step is registered in the
undo stack. The undo stack is stored with the image in memory,
so the layer actually moves from the layer stack to the undo
stack. To change this behaviour, you could reduce the minimum
number of undo steps saved to 1, say, which will discard the old 
data as soon as the undo stack goes past that number of steps
(if you're making small changes like visibility changes, for
example, your undo stack will grow much more, since the second
undo parameter is the memory limit of the undo stack once you go
past the minimum number of undo steps).


        David Neary,
        Lyon, France
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