Joseph Heled <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> In most raw files the thumbnail exists as an embedded jpeg. I know how
> to read it to memory, but need advice on how to load it into gimp
> (i.e. create a valid image ID for it).
> Option a) Perhaps such functionality already exists - but I did not find it?
> Option b) Go through the file system - write a temporary file and load
> it via a PDB call.
> Option c) Use some jpeg library (say libjpeg) to read it.
> (b) is the probably the simplest, but I am not happy about going to
> the file system and all the issues it brings. On the other hand (c) is
> quite complicated.

(b) wouldn't work at all since you need to register a thumbnail
procedure from within your raw loader and you can't use the existing
JPEG load procedure since it doesn't have the right signature.

> Can someone make a suggestion?

I suggest you use libjpeg. I also strongly suggest that you look at
one of the plug-in in 2.2-pre2 that implement this functionality.

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