For the same reasons one would like to hide the
"pressure sensitivy" options in the Tool options
dialogue, I'd like to be able to hide some other
options. Mainly, I'd like to be able to hide "Fade
out" and "Use color from gradient" options for most of
the painting tools, as they take up much more space
than "pressure sensitivity" options, and I don't want
a distracting scroll-bar to appear. I also doubt most
people use them for more than 20% of the time... 

So are there any plans to allow these options to be
hidden under an "advanced options" option, in the same
way "pressure sensitivity" options can be hidden?
There might be other options that people would like to
hide, but those are the ones I find most distracting
when I'm drawing in the Gimp. Of course, this is just
my opinion, some people might not mind the clutter as

As a completely unrelated side-note, maybe Gfig could
be added to the Toolbox, to make it easier to draw
basic geometrical shapes without having to browse
through all the filters. I'll submit this to Bugzilla
if necessary, and if somebody else hasn't done it already.

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