Hi Stu,

The behavior you are seeing is what happens if no Perl Server is
running.  The perl server is invoked automatically if you call a
script on the commandline; it makes its own instance of gimp, and
passes commandline parameters to get the perl server running.  At the
completion of the script, it all exits gimp and the perl server.

If you run the Perl Server from the Xtns->Perl->Server menu from a
running gimp, it should instead connect to the already running perl
server and use your already open version of gimp.  This should-do
closer to what you want.

If you want to start an instance of gimp and leave a perl server
running, you'll need to use the batch parameter to gimp to start it:

gimp-2.2 --no-interface -b '(extension-perl-server 0 2 0)'

It should result in something like:

1101093297: server version 2 started
1101093297: acception connections on /tmp/gimp-perl-serv-uid-1000/gimp-perl-serv

After this, any attempts to run a script from a commandline should
first talk on the already-running server interface.

Happy GIMPing,

(currently you'll have difficulties compiling gimp-perl CVS HEAD for
2.2; but a compilation for 2.0 should still work ok, even with 2.2. 
Will look into fixing this, and updating deprecated scripts, as time

On Sat, 20 Nov 2004 23:31:40 +0000, stu seven <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>      I have some gimp-perl scripts_ all these work with the Perl Server...
> either from the interface, or command line...
>   ...but currently, I get an error after one script is completed.
>      For instance, with the command line version; I see the server start,
> and the message: "accepting new connections", after this, one script
> can be processed successfully... but then, the server connection stops...
> to run another gimp-perl script, I need to start another invocation of
> the server... that doesnt seem right.
>   ...how can I keep the server running... avoid restarting the perl server
> for each script ?
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