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> Well, I think I have demonstrated that I need to create or modify at
> least 10 files to produce a new paint tool, and I have probably
> missed something along the way.  But I will admit that the danger of
> code collision does not seem all that large.

Thanks for setting up that list. I am afraid though that you missed
the point I was trying to make. There is always about this amount of
hazzle to integrate things into GIMP, whether you need to do a couple
of registration calls in a plug-in or module or touch a couple of
files to register it with GIMP.

It is however very easy for us to help a newbie with this 10 steps you
listed than to sit down and design and implement a plug-in API for
it. Such an API would have to be flexible enough to deal with all
sorts of ideas that people might come up with and so far we have no
clue what that could be. So instead of discussing this API, I want
people to realize that the code in app/paint already offers an API
that should fit their needs.  So all they need to do is to ask for a
little help with integrating the new paint-core. It is easy for me or
Mitch to set up the framework you need to start experimenting. Now
that you have explained it in your mail, people would probably not
even need this help any longer.

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