On Friday 26 November 2004 05:02, Laxminarayan Kamath wrote:

> Hey, i sent a message previously , it dint come on the list,
> resending- There is a huge Linux/OSS fest/fair/expo about to happen
> in Bangalore- The IT capital of India on Decmber 1,2,3 . Wish GIMP
> was there. if u cant come , please at least try next time .
> Checkout
> linux-bangalore.org/2004 for more details

How there "if u cant come"? Do you think The GIMP is Oracle or Novell 
or something? If you want GIMP people to go, you should at least send 
formal invitations, and if  you want that they'd show up, these 
invitations better come with the transportation and hosting fees 

I understand that you shall be an individual person, and probable 
can't afford for it alone - but them you could try to get the 
sponsorship for it with a corporation, and get them to contact the 

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