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On Mon, 29 Nov 2004, miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:

What i'm questioning here is - does this order of menu mean that one can set one's own menu preferences? (a piece of functionality I hadn't realised was there) or is this just a programming issue?

If you are on *nix, you can do a 'man gimprc'

In my case I wished to have the default interpolation selection set to

Cubic (Best)

and thanks to Sven, I added this to the bottom of my .gimp-2.2/gimprc file

(interpolation-type cubic)

Other corresspondents suggest it can be done through the File->Preferences
dialogue  but as yet I haven't found that

Presumeably the Windows version gimprc file can be amended likewise.

it would be great if things could be done through File->Preferences on both GNU/Linux and Windows... I'm testing on both (Mandrake 10.0 - because from the point of view of a designer, they'll buy off-the-shelf rather than bleeding edge stuff)...

designers (other than me, cos i'm a bit more seasoned with GNU/Linux) wont be able to understand a gimprc, and probably won't manage the Man pages for a while.

i'm trying to encourage designers towards using GNU/Linux as a professional platform... designers are by nature visual thinkers, and will be put off / have difficulty with adding verbal commands to preference files, especially as to them, Linux already has the reputation of being 'difficult' (ironically, most think they're using a 'real' Unix with Mac OS X).

if we're to have professional-level designers using GIMP, we're going to need these preferences set as part of the GUI, or they'll never know they are there - designers arent very good at RTFM, in fact most of them will throw it at you ;) (usually because of pressure of working to a deadline)...

bear in mind that most designers, as with many other creatives, are dyslexic - myself included. creativity and dyslexia both inhabit the temporal lobes of the brain, and so can cross over. without the lecture on neurology ;) - it means that /everything/ needs to have a GUI option for GIMP to be fully usable by a designer.



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