Manish Singh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> The initial (wrong) announcement was last evening at 19h CET, 11h
>> PST which certainly gave you enough time to comment before we had
>> to sort something out.
> Carol responded to it. You asked if anyone had time. Sven replied not to
> wait, as "the news system hasn't been resurrected for several months"
> when it in fact had been the night before. (nobody bothers to check
> these things).

Sorry, but at the time I said this the news was still broken and there
was no sign at all that this would change anytime soon. If I had known
that a fix was in the queue, we'd have used the contest framework on
wgo. Actually, I asked for help in #gimp-web several times and got
none. OK, people have been on holidays which is OK but I don't think
that we need to blame each other now for doing things wrongly.
Everyone was just trying to do their best.

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