checks for intltool < 0.28 or > 0.31 due to a known problem with corrupt XML output, but if you have a bad version the script just says "the problem is harmless, you may continue the build" and automatically moves on.

It appears however to actually produce a corrupt gimp-tips.xml if you have intltool 0.30 (which is the current version available in the fink package set for Mac OS X). Those tips containing <tt> get horribly munged... On startup, Gimp complains on the console:

  Error while parsing '/opt/gimp-2.1/share/gimp/2.0/tips/gimp-tips.xml':
  Error on line 48 char 29: ')' is not a valid character following the
  characters '</'; ')' may not begin an element name

As a result, only the first 4 tips actually get shown on a build compiled this way; the rest are discarded when the error halts XML parsing. Rebuilding it with intltool 0.32.1 gets things working right.

I'll see about submitting an update to the fink package, but perhaps should be a little pickier to make sure bogus builds don't make it out the door.

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