>    I am having difficulties enumerating, and identifying layers in a
>    Gimp Plug-in.  Is there a good source for code that shows how to
>    do this?  My need is to save the text information found in a Gimp
>    document/image into another file.  To do this, I need to iterate
>    through all of the layers, find the text ones, get the text and
>    save it to a file.  My end goal is to make a new Plug-in Filter
>    for an archaic file type that many people would like to have.
>    Any code would be appreciated, I am just having a problem getting
>    started with Gimp development.  I am using the Plug-in Template,
>    Linux (Fedora Core 2), Developer and Base RPM's.  I have compiled
>    the sample plugin, and got it to list the layers, but I cannot
>    identify the contents of the layer or the simply the layer type.

I am afraid there is no way for a plug-in to find out if a layer is a
text layer or even to access the text properties. You could perhaps
implement what you are trying to do using some internal knowledge
about text layer. Basically I could tell you how to do it but I'd have
to kill you afterwards ;)

If you could outline what information you need exactly, we could try to
come up with an API that allows you to do this in a proper way. Having
access to the text layers has been requested before so I think we
should add this for GIMP 2.4.

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