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> On Sun, Dec 05, 2004 at 06:42:10PM +0100, David Neary wrote:
> > I have no objections as long as people are happy with this. I
> > would be a little worried about some splashes not getting a fair
> > whack because they were submitted late, but sure, why not.
> >
> > When do you think it would be fair to call a result?
> Well, if I understand you correctly, the core developers have to make
> the decision which splash screen will be in the next gimp release.

I disagree. It should be a user community decision primarily. Of course, the
core developers belong to the user community.

> If this all is to complicated from now on and you guys want a splash
> screen fast, I'm very fine with your solution Dave. I don't have to make
> the decision which splash screen will be the winner, so I can shut up if
> you already figured out how to judge :) Dunno what the others think
> about this ...

One of the advantages of the panel system is that a few people can be
conscientious and look at all the entries, whereas a larger pool of people is
more likely to pick their favourites froml the first 100 or 150 splashes, and
ignore the last 300, which would be a shame, since there are some really nice
ones down there. Another consideration is that a panel can ignore splashes that
we can't ship for one reason or another (copyright material, other people's
trademarks, etc) and can also use agreed guidelines (no photos, for example)
whereas that's harder for a much larger collective.

In either case, we need some kind of resolution on this today or we run into the
other thing I was worried about, which is time.

I suggest that
 - Mukund wipes the existing votes
 - We give people on the mailing lists until Thursday to vote
 - Please try to avoid getting mukund's page slashdotted
 - On Thursday evening, if the top choice is not invalid for some reason, we're
done. If it is, we go onto second choice. Etc.

Is there any way to close the contest page now and not have any more entries
until we have chosen a winner?


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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