i have been half following this fun splash stuff.  i fully admit to
looking at the splash entries more than reading of the exciting plans

i have also been working on some avi's of the splash entries.  there
were so many of them that now it has been divided into a movie for each
day of submissions.

i needed a solution for what happens when the panel picks one and the
people pick another and Sven and mitch pick yet another one and how to
handle this in these movies (that should be some what like catalogs to
an art show).

the solution for this multipile winner problem makes more more
interesting movies/catalogs.  if the panel will pick a favorite 10 and
the people pick a favorite 10 and mitch and Sven pick a favorite 10 it
will make a nice little end movie of 30 good splashes.

662 splash entries!!  i wonder how many were holding onto splash waiting
to be that special one?  this was a lot of fun.

i will let you know when the movies of the days entries are finished.


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