Steve Stavropoulos wrote:

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004, Sven Neumann wrote:

- useable as a splash

    It needs to have a blank or very low-contrast area at the bottom
    that is large enough to hold the progress texts we show at
    startup. Large enough even for a slightly larger font.

Unfortunately not all submissions meet these criteria. There are some very nice ones that can't be used because they violate these obvious rules :(

Because there are some very _very_ nice ones that don't have the area at the bottom, maybe this shouldn't be a reason to reject them, if it is trivial to add such an area. I think the purpose is to have a great splash for gimp 2.2 and we shouldn't care about little details that can be fixed.

I agree that it is trivial to add an opaque region to the bottom of an otherwise excellent image. I for one did not understand that stipulation, and only realized it later (after I submitted) when I actually watched the splash image on startup. My Debian system loads so fast, you barely get to see the splash image ;-) The rules said something about text getting squished, but I didn't know whether that was for text in some surrounding area, or what. I thought the template provided had a border at the bottom to balance the border at the top.

Anyway, I entered for the fun of it, and don't think my image is
seriously good enough to win.  It would take me about 60
seconds to add the layer... I just didn't realize that it was meant for
text display.  I'm just throwing in my comment so that if the panel
finds an otherwise agreeable candidate, they should consider adding such
an opaque layer.



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