[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-12-08 at 1714.59 +0100):
> > That'd indeed rock. Intelligend Scissors could just be a path tool that
> > has a very crude way to calculate the segment between two control
> > points. The API might already support this (you can have custom stroke
> > types) but details would be needed to work this out (we'd then have
> > a dependency between the path and the associated drawable, since the
> > path needs the drawable to figure out its outline).
> This is a side issue, but for the intelligent scissors there is another
> feature that I thought about: adjusting the position of a selected
> control point automatically within a small radius (e.g., 5 pixels),
> based on the closest bits of the calculated segments attached to that
> point.
> Sometimes when I use the IScissors and I forget to zoom in to add some
> control points precisely, I end up with a control point that is a few
> pixels off of the edge that I want to select.  The calculated segments
> are then hugging the shape quite closely except for the pixels close to
> the misplaced control point (i.e., there is a little bit that sticks
> out of the shape).
> Although being able to move the control points as in the Path tool would
> already solve most of the problem, it could be interesting to have an
> option to re-position a selected control point automatically.  This has
> a rather low priority: it is just a "nice to have" thing.

Sorry, I do not understand exactly what you mean, but in 1.2 you were
able to move points, and it would readjust the lines that join them. A
different issue is when it stubbornly wanted to put a point somewhere
and you moved the mouse a lot but the dot would automatically go to
the place you do not want, and the lines still follow a wrong path.
You could also add points too, the interface sucked, yes, and due the
tile problem it seems to do whatever it wants sometimes, but the poor
tool was a bit more than everyone experimented with 30 secs of play.

Of course, in past years the algoritms have evolved, see for example
the concept of freehand sketch selection:

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