On Thu, 9 Dec 2004 09:27:02 -0200, Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris
> On Thursday 09 December 2004 06:45, Laxminarayan Kamath wrote:
> > OOps, Sorry Sven, Gmail is nice but is confusing for replies. Will
> > be care full next time.
> > By the way,  what i mean is, when such confusions occur, like
> > whether or not to remove a tool from the toolbar, isn't it nice to
> > have a poll engine and make the poll public?
> You are worrying over the edge here.
> There is no chance this tool will be removed - not this time, nor
> soon.
> What happened is that I, having the opinion that the tool is borken,
> sent a question about it to the list - which is public, in some
> sense.  People replied that  not only it is actually usable, but they
> use it on an often basis.
> Therefore, there is no sense in hiding it.
> And just one more point: I never suggested the removal of the tool,
> but just hiding the tool - it would be available from dialogs->tools,
> even to be put back into the toolbox.
> If  a change is made to the GIMP that you do not like - in a way it
> brakes the way you work, Bugzilla is the place to ask for the old
> behavior back.
> Recently, for example, there was a bug asking for the old behavior of
> the Move tool - that would change the selected layer. That was
> promptly implemented as an option.
> Regards.
>         JS
>         -><-

Yeah I now agree. In poll, you only understand the overall view,not
what the user/developer really wants. The poll idea was *bullshit*.
unless it extends way beyond radio buttons. which comes back to the
idea of mailing lists ;)
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