Some people have difficulty dealing with the connotations of the term "The
GIMP".   I wont go into details again about why some people have issues
with the name, some even finding it offensive.

bug 168090 suggests a name change
(and it seems to be the first time anyone has wanted this enough to file a
bug report about it)

I don't think it is a good idea to change the project name.  (CC'ing the
gimp-user list as the issue was recently brought up there already.)
It is a good sign that the gimp has improved so much that people are only
left with the name to complain about :)

I think it would be a fair compromise to accept patches that make it
easier for those who would like to configure the name.

Sven wrote:
"Bugzilla is the wrong place for such a discussion. If you really want to
have it, please bring it up on the mailing-list."

Sven also wrote:
I am certainly not willing to accept patches that allow to configure the

I have to ask why reject such patches?

You are in the lead developer in charge and can do anything you want and I
certainly wouldn't expect you to make the changes but I'd feel a lot
better if you gave a good reason to reject patches that would make it
easier to get more people to use Free Software?

If a project as big as Mozilla Firefox allows it name to be changed, why
would it be an issue for the gimp?
Why require people to fork or maintain their own patchsets for the sake of
a little extra configurability.


Alan Horkan
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