i have a question for you; you don't need to answer it to anyone but
yourself.  what does the word gimp mean to you and where ever could you
have come up with this meaning?

when i hear the word gimp, i get a chuckle from a media image that some
pack of film geniuses inbedded into our collective language lately.
also, i did not see this movie when it first came out because there was
"too much hype".  had it not been for the hype, this movie would have
only been seen by a handful of similar film geeks (not gimp -- geek) and
you might never had associated that word with that image.

i was a girl scout when i was a kid.  this means a lot of different
things, one of the things that was necessary to do when you were
affiliated with this organization when i was growing up was you were
required to tie this sort of knot:
http://www.angelfire.com/ca7/sierratses/images/lanyard.jpg with this
sort of cord:

so i am going to suggest that the only name we consider to change
"TheGIMP" to is "Boondoggle".

children know what they can tell their grandparents better than their
parents, i think.  adults get plagued with "interesting media images"
much more than children do, especially when both see the same image.  to
say that "TheGIMP" is an inappropriate name is to bring human beings all
down to this level that is unnecessary.  

i am becoming confusing again.  i am sorry.  let me try to sum it up
this way:  what gives you the right to inflict your perversions on a
group of developers like that?  if you have a problem with the name,
perhaps you should fix yourself.  that was a well done movie, over hyped
but well done and extremely funny.  do you *know* anyone like any
character in it?  

what i would like for you to do is to get some gimp, tie up a lanyard
and think about all of this.  what is it that you think of when you read
the characters "TheGIMP"?

leave bugzilla for software problems.


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