Hello GIMP developers/users,

I have had some time to think now and it seems that maybe I should not
be incharge of the website. The reasons for this is as follows:

* My work takes a lot of my time, sometimes I am not home until 22:00
swedish time. This makes it hard to actually sit and do something at the
computer after work hours.

* I have been away for to long and am not really taking care of things
enough to make the site grow as it should by this time. Yes, I made
promises and have tried to keep them, but I never thought that my work
would be like this.

* I have to many other things going on around me right now that takes up
my time and I do not want that to affect the websites development.
Instead I would like the site to grow, and for that reason there needs
to be a stronger person than me and more flexible that can handle the

I am not reassigning right now. And I am not telling you that I won't be
able to help with the site, instead I would like to be a contributer to
the website and help at the areas that I know. But having the website as
the responsibility is not really good for me or for the users. To be
really honest...I don't think I am technical enough for this kind of

I will keep looking at things until a final decision has been made about
who can take over this task. I'm sorry that this should happen right
now. But like I said...I can help...but not be responsible.

Best regards,
Niklas Mattisson

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