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> On 15.12.2004, at 20:16, William Skaggs wrote:
>> I've been thinking about three things that are highly desired but
>> have been waiting for the migration to gegl:  support for 16 bits,
>> layer groups, and procedural layers.  It seems to me that all of
>> them can be achieved in GIMP 2 without major infrastructure changes,
>> not perhaps in the most ideal way, but not in a kludgy way either.
>> Given that the switch to gegl will probably entail a long development
>> cycle, it may be worth considering what can be done in the meantime
>> with GIMP 2.
> Why do you want to have 16 bits per channel when most if not all
> tools will only work with the MSBs?

Hey, I'd have 80% of my 16bit usage if only Layers and Curves supported
this 16bit ability. 

Having said that, extra 8bit as integer is nothing but an band-aid, as
most of more-than-8bit-depth fun is anything but 16bit integer.

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