Hi and welcome!

There are people in better position to answer you on this!

But I am just quite happy to see a mail like this - I myself just go 
around proposing weird features, and eventually finding and fixing a 
minor bug. Lots of fun, either way.

So...bugzilla is the way to deliver bug corrections.
You should better be using GIMP from CVS, read the 'Hacking' file in 
there for building tips - if you aren't already. Them, just check the 
bugs in bugzilla, erradicate them, taking care to maintain the coding 
style (it is GNU style, I've read somewhere). After it works, make a 
patch by running diff with "-u3" option, and attach that patch to the 
bug report.

Now, keep online to hear from Sven, Bolsh, Alan, Carol and others... 

Oh, also, underliying GTK and the GIMP object system is Glib and 
Gobject - you should learn about these. There is a small app called 
"devhelp" which allows for interactive browsing of the API.


On Sunday 12 December 2004 19:52, Henry Roeland wrote:
> He all GIMP developers out there,
> I'm new to this list and therefore lets introduce myself first. As
> a Software developer I'm working for about 2 years now with
> Java/C/C++ and other languages like XML/XSLT. My expirence with
> C/C++ is about medium and I know a little about Linux/UNIX
> programming but have more expirence with Win32 platforms.My
> expirence with GTK+ and GIMP code is zero.
> At this time I'm working(Using) now about 2 weeks with The GIMP for
> graphical stuff (as a hoby) and I'm very excited about all that
> GIMP offers! Because I'm a developer I like to help fixing bugs or
> add some new features. A already debuged some of the code but
> because of my lack of expirence with GTK+ and all I like to begin
> easy :-).
> In short: Can I help with bug fixing? If so should I start with bug
> fixing (which bugs) and how and to who can I deliver the patches?
> Greetings,
> Henry Roeland
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