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On Monday 13 December 2004 22:25, Carol Spears wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 13, 2004 at 11:52:03PM +0100, David Neary wrote:
> > Hi Carol,
> >
> > Carol Spears wrote:
> > > "make a decision".  was their any discussion here of the panel
> > > needing the approval of these "artists"?  the panel was put
> > > together to make a recommendation to the developers.  you need
> > > additional handholding?  was anyone interested in being on this
> > > panel who can make a decision on their own?
> >

Can you please calm down?
I am in the panel. The other four people in the panel  are all part of 
the comunity formed by Gimp development in all ways it stays in touch 
- that is #gimp, bugzilla, and here at least.

There were 672 splashes from which to pick one.
You did run your script in there, and after some tens of seconds, it 
spilled out a movie, did not it?

Each of us took time to appreciate each of the splashes over the last 
week. I can't speak for the others, but I looked at each of them in 
full size, in painfull proccess of narrowing down the list of viable 
splashes..Why painfull? Because most of the entries are, in their own 
way, very nice at least. The funny ones. The scary ones. So each one 
in the panel had to create a personal set of criteria to narrow the 
list, so that the whole panel had a small list upon which to debate.

You express concern about the results of a panel. I think it is 
reasonable for you to perceive that the panel is concerned about this 
result as well. Otherwise, we'd just spill out the "highest ranking" 
among ourselves as the final winner. Instead, we decided that the 
choices we were left with were quite good, and that diffferent point 
of views would be apreciated.

> >(...)
> > If the panellists want to ask for the opinion of outside people,
> > or give weight to mukund's page, so be it. When their decision is
> > made, it will be final.
> a final recommendation.  just spit it out.
Carol, since it seems to be so easy, why do not yourself give the 
panel feedback. Which is your choosen one?
(NB - this is mostly retorical at this point, as we have a good winner 
candidate by now - nonetheless I'd like to know your one pick among 
those 600+ entries)

> ask adam.  adam is an artist and has been involved with gimp since
> before you, me, tigert and jimmac -- i dunno about drc.

Adam is in the panel.

> if they did not want to work as a group, for what reason was it
> formed?
We want and are working as group. A nice group of  persons from 
different countries with different entries which got a unique chance 
to learn about each other's inner feelings about art and feelings 
about The GIMP and its usages as well. I may be speaking for myself, 
but it is a lifetime experience.

> if they were afraid of peoples opinion of their opinion, why did
> they want to be on the panel.

How would us know that people would arise questioning the panel 
before? On a side note, I feel the panel had been set by the Release 
Manager, and fear no one outside. As far as I am concerned, if the 
panel would vote for the dullest splash out there, that would be the 
panel recomendation and no more questions. 

But how do you feel about questioning any judge about being afraid of 
other's opinions when you yourself are attacking the panel - and at 
least  on this list, you are the only one doing so.

> this is crap.  this is pathetic like this stupid election we just
> had here in the states.

Ok - I am writting this lenghty reply, because _this_ I found 

I agree that a way to select a winner should have been determined 
before opening up for the contest for the entries. But it was not 
done. Since the formation of the panel itself was a sugestion on this 
list, and people got a chance to propose a better, working idea, I am 
perfectly confortable  with the panel. Just because if determined 
beforehand, it probably would have been the better idea anyway.

> is the recommendation from this panel to be have tigert "i approve
> this" to make it worth something?
We feel more confident now we've read Tigert's comments on some of our 
picks, if that maters.

> is there anyone on the panel whose opinion does not count?
It is a five way panel, and everyone is doing their part and getting 
> carol

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