On Wed, Dec 22, 2004 at 02:20:59PM +0200, Shlomi Fish wrote:
> Nice! My only complaint is that sometimes the displayed text was displayed 
> for 
> too little time and I did not have enough time to read it.
forgive me, i am a rude and literate american.

first a question.  i watched a few buster keaton silent movies and tried
to determine how long text should be displayed.  apparently, this method
failed me; especially with an international audience.  what is that
called?  the time you should leave text displayed in an animation like
this and where can you find information about it?  guidelines or
something like this?  each text block was a different length than all
the others; so i would assume there is no set length of time.  some
guidelines as to how long though would help me (probably others as
well).  maybe someone on this list has at least the terminology and
perhaps an actual url that could help ....

next an explanation:
i tried a trick with this new movie.  the other movies were encoded with
a frame rate of one frame per second; which works really well when you
are showing still images like this.  this movie i wanted to add that
scroll of the web "team".  scrolling like this is not good at a frame
rate of one frame per second -- no sir!

my idea was to encode what i had and then extract it again.  in theory i
would get frames with the frame rate included in the layer information.
like when i made animated gifs, so long ago (before i knew right from
wrong) i was then going to change the frame rate on the frames that were
to include the scroll.  the rest of the theory involved gap respecting
what the frames said about the frame rate, but i did not get that far.

when i extracted the animation; even though i had encoded it using one
frame per second, the extraction was closer to 24 frames per second.
1000 frames became 5000 (hmm, somehow the math is not working out on my
recounting of this).  even after all of that, the scrolling text is not
so good, in my opinion.  i have much to learn about video/animation. it
took many hours to add the 5 or 10 seconds that i did add; with a stack
like that.

this gap sure can eat your disc up.


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