official announcement for 2.2.1 release will follow, this is just a
quick note to the developers to inform you that 2.2.1 is out. I tagged
CVS for the release and created a 'gimp-2-2' branch at this point.
This is the branch from which 2.2.x bug-fix releases will be created.

A few remarks about working with two branches:

 - Please make sure that bug-fixes go into both branches. If you can't
   apply the change to both branches, please ask someone else to do it
   for you and keep the bug-report open until the problem is fixed in
   both branches.

 - New features go into the HEAD branch. We may consider to merge
   certain smaller things back into the stable branch, but new stuff
   always first goes into the HEAD branch.

 - Translators and doc-writers should for the moment continue to work
   with gimp-2.2, so if you use CVS, please checkout the gimp-2-2

To checkout gimp-2-2 into a directory called gimp-2-2, use the
following cvs command-line (after setting CVSROOT appropriately):

 cvs -z3 co -r gimp-2-2 -d gimp-2-2 gimp

greetings from 21C3, Sven
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